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OutBack Power HUB10.3 Communications Hub 10 Ports

OutBack Power HUB10.3 Communications Hub 10 Ports


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OutBack Power Systems

OutBack Power HUB10.3 Communications Hub 10 Ports.

The OutBack Power Systems HUB10.3 System Communications Manager allows the interconnection of up to ten OutBack power conversion devices with the OutBack MATE. The interconnection creates a completely integrated Power System that is coordinated and managed by the MATE.

The OutBack HUB communicates stacking phase, load share, incremental start-up and shut down information directly between the inverters. Interconnection cabling is standard CAT5 eight wire with RJ45 modular jacks. The HUB is powered via any FX inverter/charger or MX60.

The OutBack HUB10.3 allows the MATE to control up to eight FX series inverters/chargers or up to 10 devices of any combination.

Kit contents:

  • HUB 10.3 System Communications Manager
  • Wiring Cover
  • (2) #10 x ½” Philips head mounting screws
  • (2) Snap-in 1” conduit bushings
  • (2) Shutter Bushings
  • (2) Cable, CAT5e, 3 Feet (1 Meter)
  • (3) Cable, CAT5e, 6 Feet (2 Meter)
  • (4) Cable, CAT5e, 10 Feet (3 Meter)


The OutBack HUB is designed for surface mounting in an Indoor location.

The cabling from the HUB to the FX inverters/chargers, MX60 PV MPPT charge controller and MATE uses standard CAT5 type computer cable. Consult your local inspector for specific installation requirements. The current and voltage in the communication cable is limited to less than 30 volts DC and considered to be a “limited energy circuit”. No conduit should be required.

The HUB utilizes a snap on wiring cover to protect cabling, eliminate accidental unplugging of cables, and to provide a clean looking installation. This solid black cover unsnaps with a screw driver gently prying in the provided slots.


  • Can HUBs be daisy chained?
    No, HUBs are not designed to be daisy chained.
  • If I'm stacking inverters, which HUB will I need?
    If you're stacking inverters, you will need the HUB10.3.


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