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Are the SMA Sunny Boys UL-1741 certified?

Posted by Frank Molina, Stellavolta on

Yes, in addition to compliance with NEC 2017, the new inverters are compliant with California Rule 21 Phase 2 and UL 1741.

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Can the Cotek CX2440 Battery Charger plug into a 120V wall outlet?

Yes, the Cotek CX2440 Battery Charger can be plugged into a 120V wall outlet. They are universal ac input, so they can accept anywhere from 90-264 VAC.

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At what voltage does the Morningstar SS-MPPT-15L SunSaver Solar Controller begin to charge batteries?

Before connecting the battery, measure the battery voltage. It must be over 7 volts to power the controller. For 24 volt systems, the battery voltage must be greater than 15.5 volts to properly detect a 24V battery. The 12/24 volt battery detection is automatic and the check is only performed at start-up.

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How many solar panels can I use with a particular inverter?

There are two things to consider: Solar Array Wattage Solar Array Voltage To determine the Solar Array Wattage, simply multiple each solar panel's watts by the number of solar panels you have. For example, if you have six 300 Watt solar panels, then your Solar Array Wattage is 1800 Watts. To determine the maximum number of solar [...]

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How To AC Couple Grid Tied Inverters with OutBack Frequency Shifting Inverters

Click here to open the PDF titled "How To AC Couple Grid Tied Inverters with OutBack Frequency Shifting Inverters."

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Will the Morningstar EMC-1 work with my 7 year old Morningstar TS-MPPT-45 charge controller?

Yes, the Morningstar EMC-1 will work with all TriStar and TriStar MPPT solar controllers regardless of their age.

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Which Lithium Ion batteries are suitable for Conext SW/XW+ battery based inverters?

Click this link to take you to Schneider Electric's webpage titled "Which Lithium Ion batteries are suitable for Conext SW/XW+ battery based inverters?"

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How do I use lithium batteries with the Schneider Electric 865-4048 Conext SW Inverter/Charger?

Select custom battery type for lithium batteries. You'll then see a separate submenu where you can custom program the inverter per the manufacturer's battery specifications. You don't need the the Lithium Ion Application Note to program the inverter. This is only provided as additional information. The instructions necessary to program the Conext SW inverter can be [...]

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Can I use other brand charge controllers in parallel with Morningstar TriStar solar controllers?

Yes, having other charge sources (including other manufacturer's charge controllers) in parallel with Morningstar TriStar may work. You will want to match all of the charge settings as close as possible. Below are some helpful links: Morningstar Parallel Charging Using Multiple Controllers with Separate PV Arrays Morningstar Connectivity Manual - Networking and Communications

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Can I use the Enphase IQ7PLUS-72-2-US IQ 7+ Microinverter without the Envoy?

Yes, the Enphase IQ7PLUS-72-2-US will work without the Envoy, however, you will not be able to: Monitor your system Receive support from Enphase support agents to remotely check system health Allow installers to apply settings changes Apply software updates It could affect your warranty

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