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MidNite Solar Remote Trip Circuit Breakers

Posted by Roy Butler, MidNite Solar on

MidNite Solar's Remote Trip (RT) circuit breakers require a voltage pulse of approximately 1/10th of a second. Much longer than that time and the coil will burn out. When purchasing an RT breaker, MidNite Solar recommends that you also purchase the:

MidNite Solar MNBDM Rapid Shutdown System

MidNite Solar MNBIRDHOUSE Emergency Disconnect Switch in Gray or Red

These 3 components work together to provide remote trip with visual and audible trip verification.

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Can the OutBack Power MATE, MATE2, MATE_B, or MATE3s connect directly to the FM60 or FM80?

Yes, OutBack Power MATE devices can be connected directly to any of OutBack Power's inverters or charge controllers?

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Can I use the SMA SB7.7-1 SP-US-41 Sunny Boy Solar Inverter on a 9.8 kW system?

Yes, you could if you had two inverters in parallel. You can also oversize the Sunny Boy 1.5 times on the DC side (when correctly following the installation manual), meaning that you could have up to about 11,550 watts in solar panels. Keep in mind though, that in this scenario you will still only get [...]

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When would someone use more than one charge controller to power the same battery bank?

An example scenario where you would need an additional charge controller is if your solar array is larger than what your charge controller can handle. One way to determine this is to multiply your system voltage by the charge controller's amperage capacity. Let's say you have a 48V battery bank system and you purchase [...]

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Can I use the SolarEdge SE5000H-US Inverter without the power optimizers?

No, you cannot use the SolarEdge SE5000H-US Inverter without its power optimizers.

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Will the Morningstar HUB-1 simultaneously communicate with TriStars in varying amperages (e.g. TS-30, TS-MPPT-45, etc.)

Yes, any TriStar PWM or TriStar MPPT 150V will be able to communicate simultaneously with the Morningstar MeterHub HUB-1.

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The key updates to the Sunny Boy US-41 product line include:

This notice provides notification of SMA America’s intention to discontinue production of Sunny Boy US-40 inverters (models: SB x.x-1SP-US-40/ SB x.x-1TP-US-40) in Q3 2019 and switch production to the Sunny Boy US-41 (models: SB x.x-1SP-US-41/SB x.x-1TP-US-41). There will be no new production of the Sunny Boy US-40 inverters after the introduction of the Sunny Boy [...]

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TECHNICAL NOTE: Sunny Boy US-41: Secure Power Supply Operation with TS4-R-O

PURPOSE This notice provides instructions for installing the Secure Power Supply for a Sunny Boy PV system outfitted with SMA TS4-R-O devices. APPLICABLE PRODUCTS Sunny Boy 3.0 / 3.8 / 5.0 / 6.0 / 7.0 / 7.7-US-41 Type designation: SBx.x-1SP-US-41 Firmware software package version: 3.01.06.R or higher BACKGROUND The TS4-R-O devices have built-in rapid shutdown functionality in accordance with NEC 2017 Article [...]

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What is the difference between the Tigo Single RSS Core and the Tigo Dual RSS Core?

The Tigo Single RSS Core can support up to 10 strings with 30 modules per string, so up to 300 solar panels, whereas the Tigo Dual RSS Core can support up to 20 strings with 30 modules per string, so up to 600 solar panels.

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