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What is the purpose of a combiner box like the MidNite Solar MNPV6?

Posted by Kyle McCollum, Technical Support for MidNite Solar on

The combiner box (aka "breaker box") functions as a switch to turn the power off and combine the strings in your solar panel system together. In this case, the MNPV6 can combine up to 6 strings of solar panels into 1 wire. 6 strings in, 1 wire out.

Why is a combiner box necessary?

You cannot simply tie the strings of solar panels together and connect them directly to different components, otherwise you could start a fire. That is why a combiner box is necessary. The combiner box will go between the solar panels and the charge controller.

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Can I mix FLEXmax charge controllers?

You can mix the FM80 with the FM60, however, you cannot mix the FM100 with the FM80 or the FM60.

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Can I use 24V solar panels with my 12V battery system and TS-60 PWM charge controller?

Yes, the TS-60 can be used with a 12V battery system, however, you will not harvest all of the solar panel's potential. In this scenario, a more suitable charge controller would be the TS-MPPT-60 or the TS-MPPT-60M charge controller.

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Will any Morningstar charge controller work with systems greater than 600V?

No, Morningstar products will not work with systems greater than 600V.

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Can I use an OutBack Power 230V inverter for my 240V system?

No. Instead, you may need to purchase two OutBack Power 120V inverters and stack them. See the earlier blog "Stacking OutBack Power Inverters."

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Can I run wind and solar at the same time through a Morningstar TriStar PWM charge controller?

Yes, you can run wind and solar simultaneously through the Morningstar TriStar PWM Charge Controller. The total current for all combined charging sources (wind, hydro, solar) should be equal or less than two-thirds of the controller’s current rating. For Example, 30A for a TS-45. This limit will provide a required margin for high winds and high [...]

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What battery chemistries will the TriStar MPPT controllers safely support?

The TS-MPPT has been successfully used with Lithium type batteries and can be custom configured to work with a variety of battery types. Specific charge configuration requirements, such as Absorption voltage and duration, Float voltage, etc,) should be discussed and verified with the battery manufacturer." The "Morningstar TriStar MPPT Installation and Operation Manual" also includes [...]

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Programming Schneider Electric Inverters

The Schneider Electric System Control Panel (SCP) is required to program every Schneider Electric inverter, whether it is an XW+ or an SW inverter.

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Why aren't all my lights on the MNSPD-300 working?

When you try and connect the MSNDP-300-AC on a DC circuit or vice versa, only 1 LED will illuminate, however, the MNSPD-300 is still fully functional. In order that all of the lights work, you would need to connect an AC unit on an AC circuit and a DC unit on a DC circuit.

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Can I extend the cable on the MidNite Solar MNBCMS Battery Capacity Meter with Switch?

Yes, you can up to 100 feet. After that, the voltage reading starts to degrade below 95% accuracy.

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