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Can I extend the cable on the MidNite Solar MNBCMS Battery Capacity Meter with Switch?

Posted by Kyle McCollum, Technical Support for MidNite Solar on

Yes, you can up to 100 feet. After that, the voltage reading starts to degrade below 95% accuracy.

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How to force an update on the OutBack MATE3s

With an SD card inserted with the most recent firmware version, press and hold the UP button. This can correct some troubleshooting issues you may have with your MATE3s.

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Why MidNite Solar Circuit Breakers have a CBI label.

MidNite Solar 165 VDC ETL TEST STORY MidNite Solar 165 VDC ETL Test Story

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Oversizing a Morningstar MPPT Controller

CUSTOMER QUESTION: Received 30 amp MPPT controller today to connect to my 12V system with input from two 225 Watt PV panels (450W). Instruction book says "maximum nominal input is 400 watts" for a 12V system. Question, can I safely use the controller even though I exceed the maximum nominal value by 50 [...]

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Stacking OutBack Power Inverters

You can stack at least two 120V OutBack Power Inverters when 1) they are wired as such AND 2) when you program the OutBack Power MATE3s to indicate a 240V system. A MATE3s is required to accomplish this.

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MATE2M has been discontinued. MATE2M had some of the menus routed specifically for Mobile/Marine, however, MATE2 has all of the information available that MATE2M did.

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OPTICS RE Firmware Upgrade for the MATE3 and AXS Port

    OPTICS RE Firmware Upgrade for the MATE3 and AXS Port     . Access your solar energy system anytime, anywhere.   Remotely monitor a renewable energy system from OutBack Power and control over 600 system settings with the touch of a button from any internet connected device. This latest OPTICS RE firmware release includes improved connection reliability, remote stacking [...]

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