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What is the difference between the Morningstar SureSine Wave Inverters that are 115V and 220V?

Posted by Frank Molina, Stellavolta on

The 115V is designed for the U.S. market, whereas the 220V is designed for other parts of the world that use a different voltage.

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Can wind recommendations vary significantly between close distances depending on topography?

Yes, wind speed estimates can vary widely across short distances, especially near bodies of water or mountainous regions; not so much in land locked areas where topography doesn't change much. The model estimate we can provide has a resolution of 250 meters, so it is sometimes worth looking at different locations in a general area. 4 [...]

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Customer Concern: My new OutBack Power inverter will not turn on.

Customer: I get AC power to the input terminals, but the LED lights are off and the system will not power up. Troubleshoot: Did you use a DC voltmeter to check the voltage directly on the DC terminals? Customer: Yes. The DC voltage is only 1.5 volts. Batteries are completely dead... Troubleshoot: The battery bank voltage is too [...]

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How does a 2-pole breaker work when compared with a 1-pole breaker with same amperage?

A 1-pole breaker is used when there is 1 live wire and a 2-pole breaker is used when there are 2 live wires. In a 2-pole breaker, if one live wire has a short circuit, they are both tripped.

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Do I need a battery to power the OutBack Power FM80-150VDC, or can I connect it directly to an inverter?

The OutBack Power FM80-150VDC Charge Controller does not come with a battery and requires an external power source to power up, such as a sealed-lead acid battery in your battery bank.

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Is it safe to wash solar panels with cold water while they are hot? Could the panels crack?"

No, it is not safe to wash hot solar panels with cold water. Yes, they could crack. The best time to clean them is in the morning after they have cooled overnight.

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What is the purpose of a combiner box like the MidNite Solar MNPV6?

The combiner box (aka "breaker box") functions as a switch to turn the power off and combine the strings in your solar panel system together. In this case, the MNPV6 can combine up to 6 strings of solar panels into 1 wire. 6 strings in, 1 wire out. Why is a combiner box necessary? You cannot simply [...]

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Can I mix FLEXmax charge controllers?

You can mix the FM80 with the FM60, however, you cannot mix the FM100 with the FM80 or the FM60.

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Can I use 24V solar panels with my 12V battery system and TS-60 PWM charge controller?

Yes, the TS-60 can be used with a 12V battery system, however, you will not harvest all of the solar panel's potential. In this scenario, a more suitable charge controller would be the TS-MPPT-60 or the TS-MPPT-60M charge controller.

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Will any Morningstar charge controller work with systems greater than 600V?

No, Morningstar products will not work with systems greater than 600V.

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