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OPTICS RE Firmware Upgrade for the MATE3 and AXS Port

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OPTICS RE Firmware Upgrade for the MATE3 and AXS Port



. Access your solar energy system anytime, anywhere.


Remotely monitor a renewable energy system from OutBack Power and control over 600 system settings with the touch of a button from any internet connected device.

This latest OPTICS RE firmware release includes
improved connection reliability, remote stacking and more for the MATE3 and AXS Port.




Get OPTICS RE to learn more

Also available with OPTICS RE is the new FLEXtime feature.  


FLEXtime lets you decide how a system operates based on time of day. Program up to 3 different AC Input Modes to automatically switch on at set times each day.  




Release Notes:



  • Remote Stacking - change system stacking configurations via OPTICS
  • HECO Requirements - H/L voltage ride through, H/L frequency ride through and settable PF - +/- .8

Bug Fixes

  • Improved connectivity issues - Ethernet network stack has been updated to communicate more reliably
  • Improved MX60 support - resolved monitoring data issues
  • Device de-registration - improved device detection and de-registration process

Download the current firmware update:


- MATE3 OPTICS RE version, revision 003.015.000.  

- AXS Port OPTICS RE version, revision 003.015.000.  


Check your latest firmware version:


From your MATE3 system menu, navigate to "Settings" and select "Firmware Version" on your system configuration screen.    


Download instructions:


Instructions on how to download the latest firmware revision to the MATE3 can be found in the MATE3 Quick Start Guide















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