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Can I hook up a windmill to the OutBack Power FM80-150VDC?

Posted by Frank Molina, Stellavolta on

No, the OutBack Power FM80-150VDC is not rated or designed for use with a wind power system. You may want to consider the MidNite Solar Classic 150 Charge Controller or the Morningstar TriStar Charge Controllers.

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Should I order my MidNite Solar Power Supply Board (PSB) separately or preinstalled?

If you are ordering the MidNite Solar Birdhouse and a MidNite Solar Combiner Box, it is recommended that you purchase the Power Supply Board preinstalled at the factory rather than attempt to install it yourself.

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How are MidNite Solar's Pre-Wired Combiner Boxes pre-wired?

MidNite Solar's Pre-Wired Combiner Boxes include the wires pushed through the knockouts, however, breakers or fuses are not included.

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What is UL 1741 SA?

UL 1741 SA is a product safety standard that establishes manufacturing and testing requirements. UL 1741 SA is officially called "UL 1741: Standard for Inverters, Converters, Controllers and Interconnection System Equipment for Use with Distributed Energy Resources." SA is short for Supplement A, an addition to the existing UL 1741 standard designed to create a [...]

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Can I add another inverter to the FP1, FP2, FP3, or FP4 kits to make it bigger?

Yes, all of the FLEXpower kits are expandable and you can most definitely add inverters or charge controllers to an installed FP unit.

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Does the MidNite Solar Classic 150 charge controller work with wind turbines?

Yes, The MidNite Solar Classic 150 provides solar, wind, and hydro MPPT modes

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Can you hang the MPOWERD Luci Candle like a lantern?

Yes, there is a plastic strap on one side that you can use to hang it from.

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What is the difference between the Morningstar SureSine Wave Inverters that are 115V and 220V?

The 115V is designed for the U.S. market, whereas the 220V is designed for other parts of the world that use a different voltage.

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Can wind recommendations vary significantly between close distances depending on topography?

Yes, wind speed estimates can vary widely across short distances, especially near bodies of water or mountainous regions; not so much in land locked areas where topography doesn't change much. The model estimate we can provide has a resolution of 250 meters, so it is sometimes worth looking at different locations in a general area. 4 [...]

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Customer Concern: My new OutBack Power inverter will not turn on.

Customer: I get AC power to the input terminals, but the LED lights are off and the system will not power up. Troubleshoot: Did you use a DC voltmeter to check the voltage directly on the DC terminals? Customer: Yes. The DC voltage is only 1.5 volts. Batteries are completely dead... Troubleshoot: The battery bank voltage is too [...]

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