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Sol-Ark 15K Hybrid Inverter Stackable Solar Generator 48VDC

Sol-Ark 15K Hybrid Inverter Stackable Solar Generator 48VDC


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149.00 LBS

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Sol-Ark SA-Limitless-15K Hybrid All-In-One Stackable Solar Generator 48VDC 15,000W. Add to cart to see our every day low Stellar Price!


  • NEMA 3R Rated Outdoor Enclosure, NEMA -4 Electronics
  • 120/240/208V in the same unit
  • Pure sine
  • Modes
    • Limited Home/Zero Export capable
    • Time of Use/Peak Shaving
  • Can be used with any 48V brand/type/chemistry battery
  • Auto Generator Start
  • Rapid Shutdown Options
    • Tigo: TS4-A-F
    • APSmart
    • MidNite Solar
  • Can DC and AC couple at the same time
  • Easy One plug AC couple
  • 208/3-Phase Capable
  • Arc Fault Built-In
  • Built-In PV Shut-Off/Disconnect
  • World-Class ‘UPS-Grade’ 5ms “no-glitch” transfer time with an impressive 93% round-trip efficiency (which is up to 500x faster than other inverter alternatives) (e.g. Tesla Powerwall is 2000ms, 7000W AC Surge, 5000W continuous)
  • Color touch display
  • Noise free system
  • Highly responsive 7 day/week LIVE engineers
  • Remote “Fleet Management” for Installers
  • Can be used as a grid-tie only system, or off-grid with PV and generator
  • Hybrid/On/Off-Grid Inverter/AC Coupled/DC Coupled/AC&DC Coupled
    • 3x 20A 500VDC MPPTs
      • 2 strings per MPPT
  • Parallel Stack up to 12 inverters in 208V system
  • Parallel Stack up to 12 inverters in a 120V/240V system
  • Whole-Home Power
    • 17,000W from PV
    • 48000W 200A L-L (240V) Continuous AC Power with Grid of Generator
    • 30,000W L-L AC Surge at 240V
  • Modern transformerless inverters are lighter weight, lower cost, and offer superior efficiency

The Sol-Ark SA-Limitless-15k is a great choice as a stackable solar/hybrid inverter! It’s an all-in-one, pre-wired inverter with built-in charge controllers and many other built-in features fitted as standard. It is flexible, efficient, and affordable. Everything you need comes in one box, keeping your cost LOW and installation SIMPLE. Includes a 10-year standard Warranty.

The Sol-Ark Limitless Power All-In-One Battery System

  • Indoor/Outdoor Easy Install
    Sol-Ark 15K’s All-In-One design cuts install time in half. With 3x MPPTs and 15kW continuous AC Power with PV, a user friendly wiring area, and remote monitoring built in. Sol-Ark will also guide you 7 days a week via their engineering support.

  • Prepackaged System
    The 15K inverter comes with everything you need to install it. Nicely packaged for added efficiency.

  • AC/DC Coupling | DC Transformless
    Sol-Ark 15K supports simultaneous DC and AC coupling up to a combined 17kW of PV. Boosts PV energy 10-20% without increasing PV array size and reduces storage inverter costs up to 30%

  • Fleet Management
    With Sol-Ark's remote access features and app you are never out of touch to quickly repair or adjust any system without being on site.

  • Split Phase & Three Phase
    Sol-Ark’s 15K pumps out power just like the grid, allowing you to power 120V/240V/208V appliances

  • Grid-Tied, Hybrid, Off-Grid
    Reliably manages power from Solar, Battery, Grid, Load, and Generator simultaneously

  • Warranty and Reliability
    No need for additional warranties. Comes standard with our award winning iron clad 10-year warranty right out of the box and our 7 day a week live support to assist you in all your needs.


  • Is it possible to program or setup the Sol-Ark 15K remotely?
    Yes, this feature comes standard with the Sol-Ark 15K.
  • Is the Sol-Ark 15K stackable?
    Yes, the Sol-Ark 15K can be stacked with up to twelve Sol-Ark 15K's in parallel in a 120/240VAC or 120/208VAC system. All temperature and CT sensors would connect to the Master and the Master unit will control charging. When programming, you would place both the Master and Slave(s) in parallel mode. The Master is always assigned Modbus Serial Number 01, whereas the Slaves would be assigned "02", "03", "04", ...etc. All units in parallel must share one battery bank.
  • What components are recommended for Rapid Shutdown?
    Tigo TS4-A-F, APSmart, or MidNite Solar.
  • How do I AC couple my Sol-Ark 15K inverter?
    Refer to the Sol-Ark 15K Load Side AC Coupled Wire Diagram 120V/240V on pages 9 and 10 of your installation manual. When AC coupling, you can either connect to the GEN or the LOAD breaker. An advantage of connecting to the GEN breaker is that your Sol-Ark inverter can accurately monitor the AC coupled system. Using the Sol-Ark monitoring service, you will be able to monitor the AC coupled inverter production as well as the Sol-Ark’s production.

    A disadvantage of connecting to the LOAD breaker is that although you will be able to monitor the AC coupled system, the data may not be accurate. This is because your critical loads panel (or “back-up panel”) will use power from the AC coupled inverter before power goes through the Sol-Ark.

    An advantage of connecting to the LOAD breaker, is that the LOAD breaker is 200 amps versus the GEN breaker’s 100 amps. If you are at risk of overloading your 100A GEN breaker, you may need to consider connecting to the LOAD breaker instead.

    Keep in mind, that if you have loads on the LOAD breaker, you can use the GEN breaker for AC coupling, a generator, or for a smart load, however, if you are AC coupling to the LOAD breaker, then you won't be able to use the GEN breaker for anything else.

    Once your connections are made, refer to page 33 of the manual for AC Coupling Settings.
  • Does the Sol-Ark 15K have a built-in transfer switch?
    Yes, the Sol-Ark 15K has a built-in transfer switch that will switch from grid to battery bank automatically.
  • Does the Sol-Ark 15K include a Remote Temperature Sensor (RTS)?
    Yes, the Sol-Ark 15K includes a hardwired RTS that connects with two wire leads.
  • Will the remote temperature sensor work with lithium batteries?
    Yes, it will work with lithium batteries, but it will not be necessary if the lithium battery has an onboard Battery Management System (BMS).
  • I would like to use the MidNite Solar MNBCB Battery Combiner Box with my Sol-Ark inverter and battery bank. Should I use the one with the 50mV or 100mV shunt?
    You can use either battery combiner box because unlike other inverters, the Sol-Ark inverters already have an intergrated shunt, so you may not be using the shunt that comes with the battery combiner box.
  • Why doesn't my Sol-Ark inverter have a serial number on it?
    There is a QR code on the unit which is programmed with the serial number.
  • Can I use my back-up generator with the Sol-Ark?
    Yes, as long as the generator voltage matches the Sol-Ark's voltage settings (e.g. 120/240 and 120/240 or 208 and 208).
  • I am connecting my batteries to the Sol-Ark and need to know what Amp-Hour Capacity to set. How do I determine that?
    Take the per battery Amp-Hour Capacity (aka "Nominal Capacity") and multiply it by the number of batteries in your battery bank. That is your battery bank's Amp-Hour Capacity (aka "Nominal Capacity").

Sol-Ark Comparison Chart

What’s in the Box

  • Limiter Sensor 5/8” CT sensors 2x
  • Battery Temp Sensor for voltage adjustment
  • Battery Cable Toroid x2
  • CAT5 Cable for parallel communications (stacking)
  • Allen key for opening the user area of the system
  • French cleat for wall mounting the Sol-Ark
  • WiFi Plug (Dongle) for software updates and remote monitoring (use screws to hold in!)
  • Inverter (everything is included in 1 box and is RSD compatible)


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