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OutBack Power MATE3s System Display and Controller

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OutBack Power Systems
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Product Description

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OutBack Power MATE3s System Display and Controller.

Product Highlights

  • Program, manage and monitor entire system
  • Intuitive menu structure
  • Easy-to-read graphical display
  • System configuration wizard
  • Internet-enabled
  • Field upgradable
  • Up to 1-year of data logging
  • SD memory card slot

The MATE3s System Display and Controller make it easier than ever to program and monitor a complete OutBack Power system. An intuitive user interface and integrated system configuration wizard make system setup and programming quick and seamless. The ability to set unique multi-level user passwords makes it possible to secure critical system settings from unintended changes while still allowing open access to necessary functions.

Other features making system management simpler include an easy-to-read graphical backlit LCD display, improved tactile buttons, and user programmable “favorite” keys for immediate access to the most wanted features. An intuitive scroll wheel interface allows easy adjustment of system set points. Expandable SD card memory increases data-logging capacity as well as making it easy to upgrade units in the field.

A built-in clock and calendar function enables timer-based programming of inverter and charger operation. This setting allows the system to work with time-of-day power rates or to limit a generator’s runtime to a specific time period of the day or week. All settings are stored in onboard memory to eliminate the need to reprogram in the event of a system shutdown or battery replacement. The MATE3s supports web-server access via an intranet to allow monitoring of an OutBack system.

An Outback Power MATE3 or MATE3s purchased after January 1st, 2014 includes Outback Power Optics RE. There is a $100 registration charge to Optics RE for MATE3s units purchased before this date.

Product Highlights

  • Monitor and optimize the operation of your renewable energy system
  • Critical data allows you to take full advantage of your energy harvest
  • Reduces the need for costly, on-site maintenance
  • Helps protect your investment and maximize benefits
  • Accessible from any internet connected device

What you see is what you get... and what you get is what you need! It's a powerful advantage. The ability to see the electricity you produce and consume. To monitor and control your renewable energy system with the touch of a button from any internet connected device -- anywhere in the world. Real-time status and hands-on control of your power flow and energy storage. Track individual system performance or manage a network of dispersed systems. OpticsRE from OutBack Power.


What is the difference between the MATE3 and the MATE3s?
  • The MATE3s addresses some of the connectivity issues that MATE3 had and is specifically programmed to meet CA Rule 21 Requirements and will communicate UL1741-SA programming providing “grid support” and “smart inverter” functions.
  • Starting September 8, 2017, new installations in Hawaii and California will require UL1741-SA (and will likely be adopted in other states). OutBack Power's inverters with the "-01" number in the model numbers are UL1741-SA compliant.
  • You need a MATE3s to program -01 model inverters. MATE3s is compatible with all OutBack Power inverters.

Which inverters is the older model OutBack Power MATE3 compatible with?
The older model MATE3 is compatible with all inverters except for those with a "-01" in the model number. Both FLEXpower and Radian systems have part numbers with a "-01" in the model number. For example, the MATE3 is compatible with the GS8048A, but not the GS8048A-01.


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  1. Incompleta item

    Posted by on

    This article lacked the magnetic lid that covers the buttons

  2. Incompleta item

    Posted by on

    This article lacked the magnetic lid that covers the buttons

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