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Does the Primus Wind Power 1-AR40-10-12 wind turbine use slip rings?

Posted by Ken Portolese, Primus Wind Power on

Yes. All Primus Wind Power wind turbines use slip rings.

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Can I hook up a windmill to the OutBack Power FM80-150VDC?

No, the OutBack Power FM80-150VDC is not rated or designed for use with a wind power system. You may want to consider the MidNite Solar Classic 150 Charge Controller or the Morningstar TriStar Charge Controllers.

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Can wind recommendations vary significantly between close distances depending on topography?

Yes, wind speed estimates can vary widely across short distances, especially near bodies of water or mountainous regions; not so much in land locked areas where topography doesn't change much. The model estimate we can provide has a resolution of 250 meters, so it is sometimes worth looking at different locations in a general area. 4 [...]

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