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Does the Primus Wind Power 1-AR40-10-12 wind turbine use slip rings?

Posted by Ken Portolese, Primus Wind Power on

Yes. All Primus Wind Power wind turbines use slip rings.

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For the Primus Wind Power 1-AR40-10, what is the minimum wind speed required to charge the batteries?

The "Startup Wind Speed" is 7 mph. At this cut in wind speed it will be a trickle charge.

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Is the Morningstar SI-300 Sure Sine Inverter a wind inverter?

The SI-300 is not a wind or solar inverter like a pure grid-tie inverter might be. The SI-300 simply converts 12 VDC to 120 VAC. The charging source for the 12-volt battery bank could be wind, solar, hydro, generator, or various other sources. The same could be true of many other "battery-based" inverters.

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Do Primus Wind Power wind turbines require a charge controller?

No. All Primus Wind Power AIR wind turbines do not require a charge controller.

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Can you hook up to the grid, the Primus Wind Power 1-AR40-10-12 wind turbine?

No, all of the Primus Wind Power wind turbines are for off-grid applications.

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What is the purpose of a MidNite Solar Clipper for wind power?

The clipper as the name implies clips the voltage and protects the charge controller. It also serves as the dump load, but instead of bleeding power off of the battery or battery bank, it prevents energy from going into the batteries.

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Can I run wind and solar at the same time through a Morningstar TriStar MPPT charge controller?

No, you cannot run wind and solar simultaneously through a single Morningstar TriStar MPPT Charge Controller (this is possible with a TriStar PWM Charge Controller), however, you may simultaneously charge a common battery or battery bank with one TriStar MPPT controller for solar and another separate TriStar MPPT controller for wind. In other words, each [...]

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How do I know which MidNite Solar Clipper to buy and how many ohms I need?

The ohms resistance depends on the wind turbine you're using and such factors as: 1) open circuit voltage 2) wattage 3) whether the turbine is 3-phase, wild AC, or DC

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I have a wild AC turbine that is sending out 180 volts in my environment. Will the MidNite Solar MNKID-HWB Charge Controller clamp down on the voltage even though the voltage input shows 150VDC max?

Yes, however, depending on the specifics of your system, you may end up having to divert some hydro. If you want to play it safe, you may want to consider the MidNite Solar Classic 200 Charge Controller.

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What is the difference between the MidNite Solar MNKID-B and the MNKID-HWB for Hydro & Wind?

The MidNite Solar MNKID-B is programmed for solar applications only, whereas the MNKID-HWB is programmed for use with hydro systems and/or wind turbines. In other words, they differ in the software that's installed.

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