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My MidNite Solar CLASSIC 150 Charge Controller is hooked up to a 12V battery bank. What is the procedure to change the voltage when I hook it up to a 24V battery bank?

Posted by Louis Stamatelos, MidNite Solar on

To change the voltage on the MidNite Solar CLASSICs Charge Controller, perform a soft factory reset. Here are the some of the steps you can follow:

  • Make sure no PV is connected
  • Switch the breaker off between the CLASSIC and the battery bank
  • Wait a few seconds, then switch the breaker back on
  • Immediately press the [left] and [right] arrow buttons and hold for 7 seconds
  • The CLASSIC will then restart using factory settings and ask you what your input source is. Select your input source.
  • Confirm your nominal battery bank voltage. At this point your CLASSIC is now programmed to the new battery bank voltage.
  • Continue through all of the normal setup steps as described in your instruction manual.

Instead of performing a factory reset, can I reprogram the MidNite Solar CLASSIC charge controller to change the battery bank voltage?
No, you cannot reprogram once the battery bank voltage has been set. You must perform a soft factory reset.

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