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The key updates to the Sunny Boy US-41 product line include:

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This notice provides notification of SMA America’s intention to discontinue production of Sunny Boy US-40 inverters (models: SB x.x-1SP-US-40/ SB x.x-1TP-US-40) in Q3 2019 and switch production to the Sunny Boy US-41 (models: SB x.x-1SP-US-41/SB x.x-1TP-US-41). There will be no new production of the Sunny Boy US-40 inverters after the introduction of the Sunny Boy US-41.

  • SunSpec compliant Rapid Shutdown functionality, based on power line communication (PLC)
  • Improved AFCI detection certified by UL to UL Standard 1699B
  • Pre-programmed selectable advanced smart inverter “country code” settings for:
    •      HECO Rule 14H SRD v1.1
    •      CA Rule 21
    •      New England ISO (NE-ISO)
  • Simplified wall mounting concept (without separate wall mounting bracket)
    •      Wall mounting bracket is integrated into inverter chassis

With the change to the mounting bracket for the Sunny Boy US-41, the installation process should be improved by mounting the Connection Unit (CU) and Power Unit (PU) in two steps. This will make the components easier to lift and align on the mounting surface. The installer will start by mounting the Connection Unit (CU) to the mounting surface and if therefore able to complete all wiring connections prior to mounting the Power Unit (PU) on top of the connection unit and securing it with four screws.

Sunny Boy US-41 Mounting Process

The dimensions between the mounting points will be similar to those on the current Sunny Boy US-40 wall mounting bracket. The Connection Unit (CU) and the Power Unit (PU) for the Sunny Boy US-41 will continue to ship in a single carton.

Apart from the updates listed above, the Sunny Boy US-41 inverter will continue to provide the same functionality of the Sunny Boy US-40 including: advanced smart inverter functionality, Secure Powder Supply (SPS) functionality and compatibility with Sunny Boy accessories including SMA Rooftop Communications Kit, Revenue Grade Meter Kit and Cellular LTE Modem Kit.

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